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A family photography shoot with a twist! Scroll down to see how my one-of-a-kind day in the life sessions work. Not sure what a day in the life session is? Check out the video here.


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About Me

Yep, that’s me. Growing out my shaved head out (World’s Greatest Shave 2003 + 2009!), smiling into the camera in my very best red velour turtle neck.

I was a pretty normal kid, I made powerpoint presentations for my parents titled “Why Rats Make Great Pets” (which at 14 was what cinched the deal and I got Maisy and Coco); I taught my best friend important life skills, like how to jump of the sofa, and I climbed, EVERYTHING.

Now, 19 years later, I’m out here taking the photos that I wish I had of myself as the weird, the wild and the wonderful kid that I was (and I guess, still am)!

So check out my site, get in contact and let me know if you want me for your next family photography shoot.

kate age 12 in a red velour turtleneck with a short wispy haricut-awkward-family-photos-kate crittenden-modern family photography shoots