what is a day in the life?

Stuck for family photography ideas? With Day in the Life, there’s no need to worry, or plan, *everything* is family photography. Watch the first episode of What the F.A.Q?! to learn more about Day in the Life sessions, or scroll down to read more.

Day in the Life is a form of documentary family photography. It’s pretty straight forward. A photographer (me) comes to your home and photographs your daily life: the love, the hugs, the looks and the grumps. Photos that capture real life in all it’s, honest, messy brushing-your-teeth-into-the-toilet beauty.

Day in the Life has its roots in photojournalism (news photography). It has become increasingly popular for families who want more than a filtered, perfect image to remember when they are old and wrinkly (or older and wrinklier).

Like photojournalism, nothing is posed or staged. I don’t ask for any lights to be turned on, I won’t move furniture, or tell you where to stand. (which is great until your three year old decides to close the curtains, like in the photograph below 😂).

sound like your cup of tea?


"but what do I do with my hands?"

I get it, it can be scary being in front of the camera. Suddenly you’ve got these five-meat-sausages on the end of your arms and it’s like you no longer have any clue what to do with them. BUT that’s where documentary photography is perfect.

It is incredibly freeing not to have to be told what to do, or worrying you’re not standing “right”. You, your partner, and your children don’t have to do anything apart from be yourselves, and you’ll still get some freaking awesome photographs.

When I was explaining this to a friend of mine, she said “wait, like wildlife photography??” and it kind of is! I’m there to document you in your ~ natural habitat~.


"how close is close?"

Answer: REAL close.

Your kids jumping on top my camera, close. Baby bums in the shower, close. Emotionally invested in your family’s wellbeing for the next 10 years, close

Unlike David Attenborough, I won’t be hiding in a bush with a long lens, narrating what you’re doing. I get close! And I will talk and laugh, and joke with you all as much as any other friend would.

If I didn’t, I’d just be the weird lady in the corner with a camera. Being there, and being close, all the time, is actually the quickest way to get used to me.


Some people will hear about day in the life photography and have a full body “omg yes this is me!”, others will think “omg no” and others still will be somewhere in between.

If you’re looking for photographs with meaning, that are completely and utterly unique to you, in a style that will never age or get cringey (google henri carrier bresson, one of the first documentary photographers!), and that you don’t even have to get out of your pjs for, I’m the right photographer for you.


how much does it cost?

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